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Thành phố, ST mã bưu điện, Quốc gia
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Experienced business leader, strategist, and analyst. Expert in positioning organizations for growth by gathering and interpreting information, identifying improvement opportunities, and establishing policies and processes that drive efficiency and quality. A team player, yet independent self-starter; committed to the principles of "quality on a deadline." Acknowledged for capacity to inspire elevated performances from teams, and develop strong, loyal relationships both up and down the corporate ladder. International experiences augment inherent respect, sensitivity, and understanding of cultural variances in a united corporate world. Professional strengths include:

• Product Import & Export • Multi-Channel Distributors
• Critical Problem Resolution • Quan hệ công chúng
• Exhibitions & Trade Shows • Quản lý dự án
• Technical Presentations & Documentation • Đàm phán Hợp đồng
• Strategic Alliances/Relationship Building • Quản lý tài khoản chính
• Market Penetration • Quá trình tái cấu trúc
Helix Corporation, New York, NY
2000 - Present
Nhập khẩu quản lý

Multifaceted role administering and refining deadline-dependent order and delivery processes, while simultaneously acting as a PR representative - promoting wines at wine fairs and sommelier tastings, and offering technical fact sheets and cellar information to potential clients. Regularly challenged to resolve complex export issues with customs authorities with potential of impacting negatively on revenue generation.
Inhibited upon commencement by an antiquated in-house information system, immediately identified need to improve the quality of available data and streamline reporting processes. Personally created new Access database, flexible to meet both import and export needs, and maintain full order and delivery tracking. Newly refined reporting function now produces at-a-glance information, is error-free, and eliminates unproductive investigative research of previous order histories.

Contributions • Actions • Results

• Sourced and contracted a new transport company and bonded warehouse, and transformed unproductive processes slashing waiting times from order to delivery by 400%. Educated staff on intricacies of international commerce, and reinforced the importance of dealing with qualified transport companies offering critical alcohol guarantees to bypass product detention at customs.
• Designed technical presentation material for over 30 import wines, and created image and label library for imported wines.
• Revitalized service for delivering wine samples worldwide, negotiating favorable contract terms with new transport courier.
• Reversed ad hoc approach to sample ordering by sales representatives to cellar; standardized process that instantly boosted order fulfillment capabilities and sales representative responsiveness.
• Reviewed and selected wine stock representations, prepared company stand, contracted sommelier to conduct tastings, translated technical wine specifications to Spanish, and welcomed invited distributors.
• Triumphed over competitors, winning a 2-year exclusive contract with highly sought-after French winemaker. Pitched benefits of exclusivity contract in person traveling to France with powerful multimedia presentation to augment communications. Successfully negotiated percentage of marketing budget, and company contribution to stand costs at Wine Fair.
• Identified import legality issue concerning wine labeling from Chile supplier with potential to confine wine stocks in customs for indefinite periods. Secured agreement of Chilean wine company representatives to change export labels resulting in smooth and incident-free transition of wine that slashed 2 weeks from expected delivery framework.

Reed and Associates, New York, NY
1997 - 2000
Client Relations Officer

Medium sized, family-owned importer and distributor with diversified and profitable product range of barcode reader technology and software.

Recruited to coordinate US imports, resolve all customs issues impacting the smooth receipt and distribution of orders, and relieve the company director of burdensome "fire fighting" tasks during trade show symposia and fairs.

Contributions • Actions • Results

• Identified lack of follow-up on sales representatives' attendance at trade and technical fairs. Argued convincing case for conducting "debriefing" sessions to review new innovations, and devise strategies for future business directions.
• Reengineered supply chain process prompting better responses and faster deliveries. Reversed historically slow method of waiting for firm orders from sales representatives, to a proactive "probable order list". Contacted sales personnel, extracted information on expected sales and ordered appropriate stock levels in readiness for firm order. New process virtually eliminated unnecessary delays in waiting for stock, and assured speedier service and customer satisfaction.
• Personally negotiated contracts, leveraging favorable terms and concessions from suppliers.

Manning Corporation, New York, NY
1991 - 1997
Economist, Wine Promotion Board

A new graduate upon commencement, quickly transitioned to areas of greater complexity and accountability as knowledge underwent rapid learning curve. Initially visiting farmers at agencies throughout the state, the role progressed through administrative research and later, leading special projects designed to promote awareness of Australia's agricultural products to international markets.

Contributions • Actions • Results

• Conducted wine studies for South American market assessing perspective on American wine quality, price and taste. Co-produced information campaign detailing American premier quality assurance standards, and promotional videos demonstrating vineyard establishment and care. Reported findings to agricultural society's senior management, and Wine Board executive.
• Headed project targeted to major airlines highlighting the benefits of stocking American wines in-flight.

Đại học New York, New York, NY
Bachelor of Science, Economics (Political Economy)
Manhattan High School, New York, NY
HS Diploma
Training: Hundreds of hours devoted to ongoing professional development through formal courses, workshops, and information sessions. Recent training includes Exterior Commerce and Market Investigation & Analysis.
English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Catalan (fluent), French (conversational)
Winter Sports Federation; Wine Import Association; New York Agricultural Society

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