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Professional Member, National Institute of Accountants

Seasoned financial and management accountant acknowledged for sound decision-making talents borne of intense analysis, business acuity, ongoing education, and big picture vision. Strategic, methodical and reliable; enjoy the challenge of resolving long-term issues eluding prior incumbents, and influencing revenue positive outcomes. Enthusiastic and accountable leader and independent worker. Recognized for calm demeanor in mediating conflict, and tireless pursuit of delivering consensus amongst stakeholders with diverse agendas. Enjoy opportunities to think “outside the square” deriving new solutions to old problems through strategic information gathering, data collection, and comprehensive scrutiny. Persuasive and concise communicator; expert in modifying complex technical information for multiple audiences, and coaching subordinates for greater productivity and understanding.

Thế mạnh chuyên môn bao gồm:

• Financial Accounting • Business Plan Development • Quản lý ngân sách
• Phân bổ tài nguyên • Business Consultancy • FBT & Financial Reporting
• GST & BAS Returns • Variance Analysis • Trust Account Administration
• Quản lý quan hệ khách hàng • HR Management & Training • Chi phí công việc
• Phân tích tính khả thi • Property Asset Management • Profit & Loss Analysis
• Cost Avoidance • Financial & Investment Analysis • Lập kế hoạch chiến lược
• Cải tiến hiệu quả • Revenue Enhancements

Technology: Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Access, Word, Navision, BusinessCraft, and Property Asset Management system


Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting, University of Southern Queensland (2001)
Associate Diploma of Business (Accounting), Chisholm TAFE College (1995)



2003 đến hiện tại

Kế toán tài chính

Confronted upon commencement with a department impacted negatively through historically inefficient work practices, lack of training and follow-up, and customized industry-specific software unable to produce the caliber of financial reports critical for management to forecast continued business health.

· Conceived, launched, and solidified changes to the company’s existing job costing reporting model to refine profit recognition for each construction project. Independently researched and learned the BusinessCraft job costing module, and embarked on a time-intensive manual check of 800 projects—scrutinizing revenues, expenditures, and generated margins.
· Overcame existing system deficiencies in dự báo dòng tiền by developing a tool for management to capture accurate information on cash holdings that would aid future decision-making. Designed Excel spreadsheet that integrated with the legacy BusinessCraft system, identifying negative cash flow scenarios, income and expenditure details, closing bank balances, and borrowings.
· Corrected adhoc “system” that continually failed to produce monthly CEO financial reports to deadline. Devised and rigorously enforced compliance to new timelines, articulating the criticality of bank compliance commitments. All reports now consistently meet targets internally, with external stakeholders receiving monthly and quarterly reports that meticulously conform to policy.
· Uncovered and corrected erroneously allocated assets causing understated depreciation figures.
· Eliminated backlog of depreciation adjustments for 2002/2003 financial year, substituting actual depreciation entries in favor of end-of-year corrections. New system provides greater accuracy in financial statements for at-a-glance management review.
· Created easy-to-read, streamlined financial document for use by banks, company management, insurance companies, and other external stakeholders. Extracted raw data from the BusinessCraft software and embedded into personally designed template-driven Excel spreadsheets.
· Assumed complete management of a $2.4M annual supplier account averaging 260 separate invoices monthly. Exposed processing errors and ensured complete accuracy for on-time billing.
· Modified existing budget spreadsheets producing newly revised cash flows for 4-month period aiding management decision-making in land acquisitions and cash flow feasibility.
· Identified balance sheet discrepancies with potential to distort assets and liability records by understating key staff uniform accounts. Probed and reconciled data and processed corrections.
· Painstakingly recorded all cash receipts and payments over 9-months, and produced a complete set of financial reports bao gồm cả hòa giải, tuyên bố P / L, bảng cân đối kế toán và lưu chuyển tiền mặt cho FCA (Khái niệm Tài chính Úc) của công ty tài trợ brooking cánh tay.
· Selected by Financial Controller to complete 2001/2002 financial reports for the company directors’ two superannuation funds.


2001 để 2003

Franchise Accountant, Elite Customer Solutions (a BP Australia subsidiary)

Bổ nhiệm một vai trò thường xuyên 6 tháng vào một hợp đồng 12-tháng, với một bản tóm tắt để gợi ý tuân thủ chủ sở hữu nhượng quyền đối với tất cả các hồ sơ lưu giữ và các vấn đề thủ tục trên các trang web cá nhân 30. Với các quy trình báo cáo phức tạp bởi hệ thống máy tính VAX lỗi thời, nhanh chóng đồng hóa với những thách thức của báo cáo tài chính và điều chỉnh, và sau đó được chuyển đổi liên tục sang hệ thống Navision mới được cải tiến, triển khai bài đăng.

Examined and analyzed franchisees’ income and expenditures to provide each business owner with a subjective third party view that offered tangible feedback on financial business performances, and uncovered trends impacting continued financial viability.

Đóng góp & Kết quả:

· Identified stock discrepancy in a franchisee’s P&L report that had distorted balance sheet statistics, and impeded the progress of the company’s taxation return. Conducted exhaustive analysis of profit and loss data, exposed inventory issue, and produced revised reports for external accountancy firm, circumventing potentially damaging complaint to management set to reveal inadequacies of previous franchise accountants, the computerized system, and lack of documentation and financial controls.
· Dramatically reduced potential for error by instigating a software enhancement reminding franchise accountants that management approval was required on journal entries over $100K. Initiative strengthened internal control reporting infrastructure and eliminated regular lapses of franchise accountants seeking management approvals.
· Conceived and developed a funds statement model via spreadsheet that monitored inbound and outbound funds and offered the financial clarity critical for a franchisee of 12 sites to identify data irregularities impacting cash flows, and improve the quality of decision-making.
· Facilitated the net asset settlement of 12 franchises to BP in just 5 months—the first multi-site closure and transfer of assets in the company’s franchise history. Coordinated recording and processing of 300 outstanding invoices, staff wages, merchandise, and rent, and developed an Excel spreadsheet to monitor all inbound/outbound funds, meeting strict deadlines.
· Conducted on-the-job bank reconciliation training cho tân binh mới sử dụng hệ thống kế toán VAX. Kiến thức của nhân viên gia tăng làm giảm sự phụ thuộc vào nhân viên cấp cao để cung cấp hỗ trợ thường xuyên, và thúc đẩy hiệu quả toàn diện của ban.
· Reversed ad hoc approach to physical stock takes, recommending a perpetual system that tackled the mounting incidences of stock errors.
· Reinforced the importance of franchisee compliance towards achieving expected gross profit margins for merchandise sales. Analyzed 30 separate sites and liaised with site managers to resolve variances.



Assistant Accountant, PLAN International • Assistant Accountant, Police Association Credit Cooperative Ltd • Assistant Accountant, Smart Aluminum

Short-term engagements preparing year-end statutory reports, reconciling payroll, GST and business accounts, raising financial reports, creating spreadsheets, and analyzing investments.


1996 để 2001

Manager, Client Financial Services (2000-2001)

Promoted from Property Accountant to Manager, Client Financial Services on recommendation of departing incumbent. Led team of 8 to achieve deadline-dependent financial reporting tasks and daily administrative matters, and played an instrumental role in reinforcing compliance to sound accounting principles and real estate trust regulations for the annual departmental audit judged to be efficiently executing its obligations.

Đóng góp được lựa chọn:

· Eliminated backlog of 100 properties within the Waverley portfolio with incomplete budgeted and expenditure forecasts, stemming from missed deadlines. Arrested tenant and property owner conflict, minimized time delays, and alleviated management concerns, by shouldering much of the burden for producing expenditure forecasts, and analyzing profit potential for long-term decision-making.
· Won outstanding performance reviews via 360-degree feedback from staff citing high leadership competencies as the key instigator to improved morale and productivity.
· Delivered $5,000 saving by preparing settlement statement for vendor in property disposal.
· Relieved the burden các nhiệm vụ xử lý thông thường được áp dụng cho nhân viên cấp cao. Giành được sự chấp thuận để tuyển dụng một thành viên nhóm hành chính bổ sung để xử lý thời gian, các thủ tục hàng ngày.

Kế toán tài sản (1996-2000)

Developed monthly financial reports and budgets for a portfolio of 40 commercial and industrial properties generating $19+ million annually, as well as 5 “A” grade properties owned by international/corporate entities, contributing $5-10 million annually. Prepared profit and loss statements and balance sheets, reconciled budgets against actual expenditures for each property, devised cash flow budgets, prepared GST/BAS returns, and briefed auditors.
· Delivered estimated $20,000 in savings annually by educating property managers on the correct methodology for processing and approving electronic purchase orders and invoices on the newly enhanced PAMS (Property Asset Management System) software.


1987 để 1996

Finance & Budgets Officer (1993-1996) Accounts Receivable Officer (1989-1990)
Accounts Payable Officer (1990-1993) Rates/Administrative Officer (1987-1989)

· As Finance & Budgets Officer, prepared the $55 million annual budget including budget projections for servicing debt, administered a $25-30 million investment portfolio, and produced financial reports for 25 business units. Consulted business managers on improving financial management, containing costs, and preparing tenders. Executed computerized budget management system improving quality of financial reports and overall departmental efficiency.
· As Accounts Payable Officer, processed 500 creditor invoices monthly, maintained the assets register, built relationships with key creditors, and processed FBT returns.
· As Accounts Receivable Officer reduced days’ accounts outstanding through mediation and negotiation.


1985 để 1987

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